F Gas Regulations

Summary of Key Obligations under the EC F Gas Regulation

Many organisations use RAC (refrigeration/air conditioning) systems with HFC refrigerants, which are F gases. If such refrigerants are used, the company must ensure that it meets the requirements in EC Regulation 842/2006 and the GB Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 (Statutory Instrument No 261). In summary, the EC F gas Regulation requires:

  • Leak Checks: Regular checks for leakage; use of automatic leak detection on large systems.
  • Recovery: Refrigerant recovery during plant servicing and maintenance and at end of life.
  • Records: Good records kept for equipment containing 3 kg or more of F gases.
  • Training & Qualifications: Use of personnel with appropriate qualifications.
  • Certification: Company certification required for all companies employing personnel to undertake work on equipment containing or designed to contain F gases (includes sole traders). Companies taking delivery of F gases need to employ personnel with appropriate qualifications if undertaking leak checking, gas recovery, plant installation, maintenance or servicing.
  • Labelling: Labelling of new equipment.

Who is responsible for meeting these obligations?

Most of the key obligations under the EC F gas Regulation are the responsibility of the “operator” – defined as “the natural or legal person exercising actual power over the technical functioning of the equipment and systems”.

RAC contractors and equipment suppliers also have certain obligations.