Air conditioning and HVAC systems

A common misconception is that air conditioning is expensive to run. Yet air source heat pumps are very efficient, much more so than conventional forms of heating. Enhanced Capital Allowances and domestic allowances make installation cheaper, and an efficient air conditioning system contributes to keeping CO2 emissions totals low for businesses.

Types of work we carry out include:

  • Split type air conditioning - for shops, offices and domestic applications
  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) - for larger installations and where heat recovery can be achieved
  • DX (Direct Expansion) - for larger systems where ducting and a central plant is used
  • Data Suites & Server Rooms – where consistent and very often close control of temperature and humidity is a specific requirement

Air Source Heat Pump Installation and Applications

Air Source heat pumps are a very efficient and environmentally-friendly method of temperature control.

Types of work we carry out include:

  • Type A
  • Type B

Environmental and Stability Cabinets

Where strict control of conditions such as temperature and humidity are necessary within a designated area, environmental and stability cabinets are often the best solution.

Types of work we carry out include:

  • Repair
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance

Specialist Refrigeration equipment, including very low temperature cascade systems

With legislation on refrigerants ongoing, companies need to make careful choices when choosing refrigeration equipment. Continuing changes mean planning for the future life and use of equipment beyond its immediate use.

Types of work we carry out include:

  • Ultra low temperature cascade refrigeration
  • Cold rooms
  • Beer cellars no - Server rooms? In air con?
  • Process cooling

Ventilation systems that incorporate heat recovery

These days, it is simply not cost effective to just open a window, as heated or cooled indoor air is wasted and incoming air needs additional energy use to bring it to the required indoor temperature. Heat recovery ventilation systems captures both the latent and sensible heat from the outgoing air and uses it to bring the incoming air nearer to the room temperature, with quoted temperature exchange efficiencies of up to 90%.

Types of work we carry out include:

  • Lossnay (Mitsu) Fresh Air Energy Recovery Systems
  • VAM (Daikin) sytems

Water Chillers and Process Cooling Systems

Loughborough Air Conditioning Ltd have a long experience of working on and supplying a wide variety of water chillers that can be used either in HVAC roles or Process Cooling scenarios, in certain applications the addition of Dry Air Coolers can offer free cooling.

Types of work we carry out include:

  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)
  • Process cooling