Case Study: Data Centre Air Conditioning & Heat Recovery Ventilation

Client Requirements

The client in question had three large, multi storey offices, two in Hemel Hempstead and one in Slough. As these buildings housed data centres, the requirement was for energy efficient systems capable of maintaining appropriate conditions for both equipment and staff, whilst making effective use of otherwise wasted heat. 

To complete the project, we were required to design, supply, install and commission several VRF air conditioning systems, and a number of mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems

Our Solution

Our Solution

We began by investigating the market, which led to the recommendation and supply of equipment from Mitsubishi Electric. The VRF equipment we chose was of the heat recovery type, as these systems were especially suited to the needs of the buildings. With such a heavy cooling requirement in the server rooms, waste heat from these zones could be redirected to other zones with need of heating, rather than being expelled outdoors. 

Working in conjunction, the mechanical heat recovery ventilation and air conditioning systems we installed also ensured that, when outdoor conditions permitted, free cooling could be introduced wherever needed, rather than running the AC. 

The result was three energy efficient buildings that worked to make best use of their own indoor environment, as well as natural outdoor conditions. Server rooms were kept at appropriate temperature and humidity levels, and free from harmful dust particles. Equipment was protected, whilst staff enjoyed comfortable working conditions, and a constant supply of clean, filtered air. 

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