Heat Recovery Ventilation

A constant supply of clean, fresh air is essential to a safe and productive working environment. If you’re looking for an energy efficient solution, heat recovery ventilation is a cost effective option.

Poor ventilation is known to contribute to a loss of productivity, whilst stale air carries pollutants and can promote the spread of common viruses. Heat recovery ventilation allows for a better indoor environment in our increasingly airtight workspaces, simultaneously eliminating heat loss that comes with open doors and windows.

At Loughborough Air Conditioning, we design, install and commission tailor made ventilation systems. From sound proof radio stations to process manufacturing units, we create comfortable working environments that promote a more alert, healthier workforce and increased energy efficiency.

As ventilation needs vary by business and premises, our qualified engineers offer practical and impartial advice, suggesting bespoke designs for optimum air flow in line with building regulations.

To ensure your system continues to operate to its full potential, our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) packages provide a known ongoing cost and reduce the risk of costly repairs and disruption.

Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation

Safer indoor environment – a constant stream of fresh, filtered air promotes a healthier workplace free from harmful pollutants

Improved energy efficiency – heat recovery ventilation systems can recover up to 90% of otherwise wasted heat, lowering your energy costs

Reduced carbon footprint – with improved energy efficiency comes lower fuel usage, reducing the carbon emissions of your business

Lower noise pollution – heat recovery ventilation allows you to keep fresh air in and external noise out

For more information on heat recovery ventilation and its benefits to your business, contact Loughborough Air Conditioning. Our experienced team is happy to provide advice on the right solution for your specific needs.

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