Why Invest in Preventative Maintenance for your HVAC System?

First thing’s first - what is HVAC? An acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, HVAC is a catch all term for equipment used to control indoor temperature, environmental conditions and air quality. 

HVAC systems play an integral part in many industrial and commercial settings. Since they’re used heavily in these circumstances, they are also subject to wear and tear, and can suffer system failure, as you’d find with any hard working electrical or mechanical equipment. 

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) takes a proactive approach to system upkeep. With scheduled servicing, you invest in consistent performance and equipment longevity. 

Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

It Ensures Optimum Efficiency

Your HVAC system has a very particular purpose. It’s job is to maintain ideal conditions that suit the specific requirements of your business.

When any one part of your system is underperforming, it can lead to inefficiencies across the board. With a PPM contract, regular servicing makes sure all components are working as they should, and subsequently, that your entire system is operating at maximum efficiency. 

This not only results in the conditions you require, but also reduces both running costs and environmental impact. 

It Eliminates Downtime and Costly Repairs

As HVAC systems are so complex, a single component failure left unattended can often cause significant damage, in the worst case scenario, complete system failure.

This leads to major disruption for your business, emergency call out fees and costly repair bills. Scheduled maintenance helps you avoid these unnecessary pitfalls, instead providing you with a known ongoing cost and peace of mind. 

It Helps you Meet your Legal Obligations

HVAC systems contain refrigerant gases, the use of which is heavily controlled. If you have a system containing a qualifying amount of refrigerant gas on your business property, you’re legally bound to meet a set of obligations under the F-Gas Regulations.

This includes regular leak testing by a qualified engineer, and accurate records kept of all work undertaken. A PPM package from a REFCOM accredited service provider ensures you stay compliant. 

What Should be Included in HVAC Maintenance?

Below are the activities you can expect a qualified engineer to complete as part of a PPM visit:

Refrigerant level checks - without sufficient refrigerant, your HVAC system will need to work harder to achieve the desired conditions. Checking of refrigerant levels can also help identify any potential leaks.

Filter inspection - filters are responsible for maintaining air quality, and can get clogged up over time. Regular cleaning and replacement where necessary ensures a constant supply of clean, filtered air. 

Removal of debris - left to build up, dust and debris can affect many parts of your HVAC system. A thorough clean as part of a maintenance check gets rid of potentially harmful waste material. 

Electrical maintenance - this includes checking all electrical components, as well as inspecting for any loose or frayed wiring, replacing where necessary.

Lubrication of moving parts - to minimise wear and tear caused by friction, a professional service should include lubrication of any moving parts within your HVAC system. 

Complete visual inspection - every part of your system should be subject to a complete and thorough visual inspection. This will ensure there are no blockages or signs of corrosion that could impact system performance.

Leak testing - and of course, a professional engineer will carry out comprehensive testing to identify any signs of potential leaks, repairing immediately if needed. 

How Often Should HVAC Systems be Serviced?

It’s recommended that HVAC systems are serviced at least twice a year, though some specific designs and applications may require additional visits. 

At Loughborough Air Conditioning, we provide PPM packages specifically designed to suit individual business needs. We’re accredited by REFCOM Elite and all our engineers carry the ACRIB F-Gas Refrigeration SKILLCard, so you can be sure the service you receive exceeds industry standards.

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