We Are Now SafeContractor Approved!

As an industrial or commercial organisation, you want assurance that any contractor you appoint on-site will work with the utmost attention to health and safety management. As a Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP) assessment, that’s exactly what the SafeContractor accreditation gives you. 

Loughborough Air Conditioning is proud to join 33,000 plus contractors registered with the scheme, and hopes this seal of approval will both prove our commitment to health and safety compliance, and bring efficiencies to the contractor management process for buyer organisations. 

What Does The SafeContractor Scheme Cover?

The SSIP component of the SafeContractor scheme covers the health and safety aspects relevant to a contractor's specific line of work. Unlike other SSIP schemes, which assess a standard set of core criteria, SafeContractor poses ‘dynamic risk-based questions’ that are tailored to the business under assessment. 

What this means is that, as a potential client of LAC, you can be sure our working practices are designed for maximum risk mitigation - and that we’ve proven this through rigorous inspection. 

SafeContractor also includes the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire, PAS91. This covers key environmental, ethical and financial topics all in one place, eliminating the need for multiple questionnaires.

What We’re Covered For

Under SSIP, Loughborough Air Conditioning has been awarded SafeContractor accreditation in two work categories:

HVAC services: air conditioning systems - installation, maintenance and commissioning

Refrigeration systems services: refrigeration system installation, maintenance and commissioning

The category related health and safety activities we’ve been assessed on cover:

  • Hot works
  • Ladders/step ladders
  • Working at height
  • Working on services, systems or equipment requiring isolation
  • Working with chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Working with F-Gas 

Under the PAS91 component, we have been verified as completing the SafePQQ question set covering:

  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Quality management
  • Equality
  • Modern slavery
  • Anti-bribery
  • GDPR
  • Right to work
  • References
  • Building information modelling

All in all, our status as SafeContractor approved gives you peace of mind that we’re an ethical, financially stable business to work with, that we’re committed to best practice in the work environment, and that health and safety compliance is a priority for every one of our qualified engineers. 

SafeContractor is the latest governing body to recognise LAC as an approved business. We’re also members of the voluntary REFCOM Elite scheme - exceeding standards laid out in the F-Gas regulations - and the BESCA Competent Person Scheme, allowing us to self-certify AC installations under Part L and Part F of Building Regulations. 

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